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Guidance, counsel and representation provided by the School Board Attorney's Office includes, but is not limited to the preparation of all litigation and related matters, rendition of legal opinions for the Board and Superintendent attendance at School Board meetings and, as appropriate, meetings of the Superintendent and administration, the drafting and preparation of legal documents, policies, rules, regulations, resolutions, applications and other legal or quasi-legal papers or documents upon request a variety of other attendant functions and duties as directed by the school Board or upon request by the Superintendent.

Role of the School Board Attorneys to the School Board, Individual School Board Members, the Superintendent of Schools, and the Superintendent's Staff

The primary and central role of the School Board Attorney is to ensure that the School Board as a duly constituted political subdivision of the state and constitutionally-created body is at all times provided sound professional legal guidance and representation. In this role, the Board Attorney is required to provide all manners of legal guidance and representation in the delivery of legal services to the Board as a whole, which includes but is not limited to, the rendering of legal opinions, the requesting of opinions from various entities such as the Attorney General, the Florida Commission on Ethics, and others; serving as the School Board's Parliamentarian in following the guidelines of Robert's Rules of Order at all School Board meetings; preparing and representing the Board in all legal matters, issues, and litigation.

Board Policy 6905 provides for indemnification and defense of Board members and the Superintendent (through outside counsel or inhouse) involving claims arising from the performance of their official duties. Normally, however, the School Board Attorney represents and advises the School Board as a body corporate. When a member asks for a legal opinion about a Board-related matter such as an agenda item, the response goes to the Board as a whole. The Board Attorney's contract states: "The Attorney will not be required to provide legal representation to individual members of the Board, or render legal opinions to the general public."

Similarly, the Board Attorney, to ensure the School Board quality legal representation and to minimize legal liability in the implementation of School Board policies, may act to provide legal advice and consultation to the Superintendent of Schools and his staff. This authorization by the School Board to the Board Attorney necessarily requires and encourages a close working relationship with the Superintendent and staff in meetings and in day-to-day interaction. The Board Attorney is empowered to represent, advise and counsel the Superintendent or his staff insofar as this legal representation serves the interest of the Board, is not in conflict with Board policies, rules, regulations and procedures. In the event of formal legal representation of the Superintendent or his staff in their individual capacity, authorization for representation is sought by the Board Attorney's Office through School Board approval and consistent with Board Policy 6905.

History and Mission Statement

In accordance with state law and by its own rules, the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, the fourth largest school district in the nation, is authorized to employ an attorney to serve as its legal counsel. The primary Mission and responsibility of the School Board Attorney’s Office is to provide clear, direct, professional counsel and representation to the School Board on all school district matters of a legal nature. The School Board Attorney’s Office has had a long and varied group of attorney’s that served as counsel to the Board.

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